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MedicinEvolution Bodywork Beyond Massage

Massage Therapist in Dublin California offering services as a ____sports massage therapist. Reduce Pain and Learn to Listen to ____Your Body in just 10 Weeks. MedicinEvolution program combines ____the wonders of massage and chiropractic work through Bodywork ____and Structural Integration to help you get rid of pain and ____start moving in your daily life. Best of all, it lasts longer ____than conventional massage. In just ten weeks we: • Reduce Pain ____• Understand and Correct Structural Imbalances • Improve Your ____Posture and Feel More Confident • Function Better Both ____Mentally and Physically. Our Purpose is to reduce pain and ____other symptoms that you haven’t had luck with. ____MedicinEvolution is the solution for many problems plaguing ____your body. Our Mission is to provide you with the highest ____level of manual medicine in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our ____Vision is based on our belief that your body is a metaphor and ____guide that speaks to you in a language that is constantly ____telling of your relationship with it, and to the people and ____world around you. This deeper understanding provides you a ____powerful mechanism for inner healing and creating more ____wholesome relationships with others. We treat the following ____conditions: 1) Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, and Knee ____Pain - 2) Car and motorcycle accidents - 3) Repetitive Stress ____Injury - 4) Chronic Poor Posture and Scoliosis - 5) Sprains ____and Strains - 6) Poor posture - 7) Headaches - 8) Sports ____Injuries - 9) Chronic Pain - 10) Post-surgery Recovery - 11) ____Scars. What’s The Process? The process begins with a free 15 ____minute phone consultation. I listen to what’s going on, take ____your history, understand your goals, and we schedule the first ____session which lasts for 1 ½ hours. I recommend the 10-series ____to all of my clients. Your commitment to do the ten isn’t ____required at the onset, try one, two, or three sessions. If you ____decide the work has been helpful and you want to experience ____the complete benefits of Structural Integration the fourth ____session is the point where I strongly recommend you commit to ____the ten. From the fourth session on we’re working with deep ____structures and organizing your very core so it’s important to ____complete the series at this point. The 10-series involves ____bodywork and education, it is my job to do the bodywork and ____your job to embody the work. The homework is customized for ____you to deepen the connection to what’s going on in your body, ____this element is, just as, if not more essential to changing ____patterns as the manual bodywork I do. After the 10-series ____you’re advised to let the work settle for a period of time. ____When you feel ready post-10 sessions are the next stage of ____your journey. The post-10 work further progresses structure, ____function, and understanding and unlike other forms of work you ____begin to grasp why pains occur and how your participation or ____lack of it affects your well-being.____
6400 Village Pkwy Suite 101
94568 Dublin, California
Ph. 925-922-2246

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